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Independent (unaffiliated) voters in Utah, as well as nationally, are an increasing force to be reckoned with. It has been said that independents are really partisans deep down masquerading covertly as infiltrators. Or, just the apathetic and undecided. We know that is not true. We are simply not partisans, and we are not undecided. We are decided, and we have decided to be independent!

Independent voters have been purposely disenfranchised from the Utah political system. We believe it is unacceptable and dangerous that the hallowed halls of government be in the hands of private organizations (political parties). Organizations that have proven that power is more important then the needs and wants of the governed.

If you are a Republican, Democrat, independent voter or anything in between, you are welcome here. If you believe everyone should have fair and equal access to the polls, join us.

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