Since 2008, Randy Miller (the Founder and President of has waged a war on those who seek to fortify their positions of power at the cost of democracy. Over time, others have joined the cause. Will you?


Our Mission

We strive to help enact structural change to our political process in meaningful ways, like top-2 open primaries, that will enable more citizens to participate. We believe that if political parties wish to have a closed primary, they should fund it themselves. No public funds. We also support initiatives that level the playing field for those who wish to become (or continue to be) elected leaders.

Political group shift has created an environment where party leaders and elected officials must become ever more extreme to prove their dedication to their cause. Of course, I feel alienated as many other citizens do. Becoming an independent voter was the sanest thing I felt I could do in an insane world.
— P.J. Steiner, VP

What We've Achieved

  • Protested closed primaries
  • Marched in parades
  • Created satirical freeway blogs poking fun while highlighting party corruption
  • Been generally a thorn in the side of partisan cronies